Lingerie making workshop

Le soutien-gorge avec ou sans armatures les 11 et 12 novembres 2021

Let your creativity run free!

Learn how to make your own pieces of lingerie with Ateliers Idonim. Through educational workshops, discover the different stages of making the clothes below.

Dare to create your own lingerie pieces as you wish!


At Idonim, our workshops are prepared in advance so that each participant can start creating their own piece of lingerie in the best conditions.


Patterns designed by Idonim provided at the start of each workshop to make your own tailor-made underwear!


Material kits, comprising all the elements necessary for the creation of underwear (printed textiles, elastics, cotton jersey, lace, etc.)


A simple way to learn how to sew lingerie through classes with friendly atmospheres in small groups!

Dare to create your own
below during our workshops!

Would you like to learn how to make your own underwear and are you interested in one of our future workshops?

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