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“Help you make your own comfortable lingerie and swimsuits by providing you with quality supplies”

Creation 2019

Idonim, its history

Passionate about sewing and technique for many years, I was naturally interested in the design and patronage of lingerie and swimsuits.

Why lingerie and swimwear? In fact, combining strech and / or stable materials to make pleasant and comfortable underwear is a constant challenge for me. So taking an interest in it was obvious to me. Challenges are for me one of the main driving forces in my professional life.

The materials are undoubtedly one of the fundamental points in the creation of the lingerie sector. What we sometimes tend to forget to the detriment of aesthetics in particular.

Understanding their behavior and their extensibility is not always easy; but it is important to understand their mechanisms and therefore certain rules.

Not being able to easily find all my supplies at one point of sale, I finally decided in 2019 to create my own store: Idonim.

Idonim is a specialized store that exclusively offers all the supplies to create your own pieces of lingerie and swimsuits.

In parentheses, swimsuits I am literally a fan or even crazy (even more technical than lingerie I find).

Idonim takes care to offer you quality supplies carefully selected for their durability, composition, ….

Technical data such as composition, extensibility, … are also indicated for each item to help you choose all your supplies more easily. It was, among other things, one of my wishes: to indicate the main technical information and this for each article.

The store’s vocation is to expand each year and offer you new items to meet your needs.