Sewing lingerie: our best “friends”!

There are mainly 2 “friends” to always have near you; besides your sewing machine (MAC) and small sewing kit… of course.

I’m not used to pushing for consumption and I always advise to start simply with your sewing machine without superfluous materials. For my part with a sewing machine (no need for a sophisticated machine, suitable needles, polyester thread, scissors, pins and you have all the material you need to sew lingerie; not to mention the supplies adapted (but that’s another story, isn’t it!)

To sew lingerie, there are not necessarily very specific material unless you want to embark on the industrialization of collections, … But that’s another story.

It’s up to each and every one of you to make your own experience, your tests and finally choose the method and the accessories that will suit you the most. I always say: there are different ways to get to Rome – We can thus oppose but I prefer to affix traditional methods and industrial methods.

So to get back to the subject of this post: our best friends…

The iron

Who says sewing says iron: your elastic straps, your polyamide textiles, will have a new look again. You can also give shape to your bra cups when assembling the parts, …. An iron is the ideal tool.

Depending on your type of iron, use a damp cloth to protect fabrics such as silk, polyamide, polyester, lace. For my part, I always put a fabric between my iron and the fragile textiles. For rubber bands, no worries, iron directly with your iron.

Remarks: The rubber bands delivered by the manufacturers sometimes arrive marked by the type of packaging (roll or in packet) and this whatever the origin (yes whatever the origin … they must never be forgotten that they are the result of a production tool that has its own settings, and settings…).

Stretch type machine needles

Use needles suitable for textiles. For stretch textiles, you must use stretch needles (or jersey needles for jersey) this will save you from disappointment: jumping stitches, …

Other accessories (optional)

Example of optional equipment: rotary cutter, pellican-type stripping scissors, pliers, serger and cover machine, …

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